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Meet Our Staff...

The staff of Freedom Christian School have varied backgrounds and church experiences. However, the two common denominators for all staff members are their passionate devotion to Jesus Christ and their determination to enable all of their students to reach their God-given potential. This strength of purpose and vision create an atmosphere of unity and love for the FCS community.
         Mrs. Annette Coller
    After completing her bachelor's degree in Education from Iowa State University summa cum laude, Mrs. Coller acquired her master's degree in Educational Leadership with distinction from National University. Her teaching career began in the public school classrooms in Iowa. While homeschooling her own children for several years, Mrs. Coller was employed as the National Director of Children's Ministries for her church denomination. After moving to California, Mrs. Coller directed a homeschool program at Freedom for five years. In 1997, Mrs. Coller became administrator of Freedom Christian School.  In collaboration with a dynamic, experienced faculty, Mrs. Coller has overseen the full accreditation of the school, the integration of technology preparing students with 21st century skills and the enrichment of the spiritual, academic and social accomplishments of FCS students.

        Mrs. Christy Jones- Administrator

    Mrs. Jones has been teaching at Freedom Christian School for over twenty years.  She earned her Early Childhood Education degree and her Masters of Arts degree in Teaching from National University with a specialization in Special Education. 




      Mrs. Elizabeth Coller- Kindergarten

    Having graduated from Freedom Christian School, Mrs. Coller has a strong sense of devotion to FCS and its students. For almost ten years, she has worked part-time as office technology support staff and classroom aide. Mrs. Coller has earned her B.A. in early childhood education from National University.

        Mrs. Kristela Ball- 1st/2nd

    While attending the University of California, Davis, Mrs. Ball worked with children on the Autism Spectrum. That pursuit birthed her passion for incorporating individualized teaching strategies to enable them to reach their full potential. One of the schools where Mrs. Ball supervised students was Freedom Christian School. Spending time at FCS convinced her that this was the school where she could be the teacher she wanted to be. Here she would be able to work with students one-on-one and help them develop the potential God created within them.

         Mr. Scott Moore- 3rd/4th- Athletic Director

    Growing up as the son of missionaries in Guinea, West Africa, Mr. Moore was required to speak French fluently during his early education. During his junior year in high school, Mr. Moore returned to the states with his family and finished his high school education at Freedom Christian School and his college education at California State University, Sacramento. Every student in his classroom knows that Mr. Moore loves them and that God does too. Not only has Mr. Moore taught at FCS for over ten years, he also directs the Sign Language and Worship teams, and administers the Summer Day Camp program.


        Zach Stilwell-

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        Daniel Arroyo- TBA

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       Mr. Kamaldip Kang- 7th-12th

    After completing his Fine Arts degree at the University of California, Sacramento, and his credential work at National University, Mr. Kang began teaching at Freedom Christian School more than 25 years ago. He is an accomplished teacher of English-  including literature, grammar and vocabulary - as well as Spanish and art. Mention a literary work, and Mr. Kang is ready to discuss its theme, tone, archetypes, motifs...  However, Mr. Kang's knowledge of his subjects is only superseded by his devotion to his students which is evident in his willingness to do whatever it takes to enable his students to succeed.

        Mrs. Anne McCutcheon- 7th-12th

    Mrs. McCutcheon earned her bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Spanish as well as her teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento. While she began her teaching career in the public school system, she has taught at Freedom Christian School for the last 15 years. Her love of learning and enthusiasm for her subject areas have encouraged students to excel in coursework when many did not feel they could achieve success. When she is not teaching, Mrs. McCutcheon is a leader in her local church - and a winning girls' basketball coach (leading FCS girls to two playoff berths).

         Mr. Jeriah Coller

    After graduating from Freedom Christian School, Mr. Coller continued his education at the University of California, Sacramento, receiving a Religious Studies degree. Concurrently, he completed a five year degree in Christian Leadership and Religious Studies at the Institute of Theological Studies by Extension (INSTE). While serving as the Executive Pastor at LifePoints, Mr. Coller serves as a part-time teacher and IT Director for FCS. Having worked for several technology companies, Mr. Coller is a true "geek." He enjoys educating students about technology - how to use it to succeed in their personal lives as well as to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

         Mrs. Ruby Bisiar

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